Manufacturing+ Symposium

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Presented by: Bank Midwest RubinBrown

Jennifer VeyFor decades Americans have held an incongruous belief that US manufacturing is dying or dead and that the nation’s manufacturing jobs largely involve rote assembly-line work in dirty, unsafe factories. 2014 Manufacturing + Symposium keynote speaker Jennifer Vey, fellow at the world-renowned Brookings Institution, will use her industry research and metropolitan economic development studies to dispel this myth and talk about KC’s opportunities and challenges to remain competitive in the domestic production market.
Recently ranked the most influential think tank in the world, Brookings Institution is a leader in economic advancement and is highly invested in the success of the region’s manufacturing industry.
The Manufacturing+ Symposium is Kansas City’s number one forum for the region’s large and small manufacturers. Don’t miss this annual interactive event that will feature an important state-of-the industry update from the Brookings Institute; provide vital information on the region’s best manufacturing and distribution practices; and explore trends, technological innovations, and industry conditions. The half-day symposium will provide significant networking opportunities and set the stage for the future of Kansas City manufacturing.

Participating Sponsors: Arvest Bank Lathrop-Gage_4C-stacked.gif

8:00-8:45 a.m. Registration, Breakfast and Networking
8:45-8:55 a.m. Welcome
Co-Sponsor Thomas Metzger, President, Bank Midwest, N.A.
8:55-9:25 a.m. Keynote Presentation
Jennifer S. Vey, Brookings Institution Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program
State of manufacturing industry, overview of regional and national market trends, economic impact, and opportunities for growth
9:25-9:55 a.m. Networking & Break
9:55-10:05 a.m. Remarks & Introduction of Panel
Todd Pleimann
10:05-11:20 a.m. Panel Discussion - Manufacturing Best Practices
Moderator Eric Morgenstern, President and CEO, Morningstar Communications
Topics: 1) Distribution Expertise 2) Lean Manufacturing 3) Near-Shoring/Re-Shoring 4) New Technology + Workforce Development

Roger Scarbrough, CEO, Scarbrough International, Ltd.
Jennifer S. Vey, Brookings Institution Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program
Lavon Winkler, CEO, Milbank Manufacturing
Jennifer Pozzuolo, Human Resources Team Leader, Garmin
11:20-11:25 a.m. Wrap-Up
Roshann Parris, Board Chair, Greater kansas City Chamber of Commerce
11:25 a.m.-11:45 a.m. Sporting KC Tour and Networking