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KC is a “technological hotbed”

Kansas City’s agricultural roots are deep, and Dr. Sanders says SFP aims to continue that rich history and tradition, “but with a modern twist".

“Kansas City is emerging from the Midwest as a technological hotbed,” he says. “Kansas City not only offers easy access to those who benefit most from our products – the American farmer - but being centrally-located provides easy transportation to other parts of the country.”

The goal of increasing global food production is also Dr. Sanders’ passion. “We see our role as helping the farmer and farming communities around the world,” he says. “We want to help people feed themselves while also preserving the environment.”

Recent news of possible food shortages and consequent unrest in third world countries highlights the importance of his mission. “We plan to branch out into nonagricultural applications and continue our pursuit of innovation and problem-solving.

In other words,” he adds, “we plan to continue the revolution…SFP continues to plant roots that run deep into Kansas City. Our product lines will not stop with the ones we have today…we have an R&D pipeline full of ideas and life-changing concepts.”
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